Nature is Magical

The fantasy world I’m creating holds a history that, like ours, includes genocide, major and minor battles, treaties, the death and birth of cultures, and the establishment of protectorates. Ultimately, two world powers grow to dominate. They warred once, and, if all goes as planned, they will war again.

So there's alatta reality we'll experience on the pages. Part of the whole reason I'm writing this shibang is to explore life as we know it: why do we war? what are the causes of the ecological crisis? how do we understand human nature, and what remains a mystery? Ya, things get real.

BUT, that being said, I chose fantasy as my medium for two reasons:
1. I think we can better access tough issues on the more playful plane of the fantastical.
2. I'm a dork for magic.

Read any fantasy writer's bio, and chances are Tolkein converted her to the geek club. Guilty as charged. Yet there's no elves, orcs, or those kind of epic fantasy prototypes in my book. The magic I'm crafting is seeped in our natural world. Plants. Elements. Animals. These are the portals I'm using into a system of magic that, thematically, strives to help us remember that the wild world truly is magical. 

I mean truly, as in nature, here on Earth, has a self-sustaining knowledge that is unbelievable. (Planet Earth 2, anyone? I mean, seriously, those iridescent mushrooms are unreal!) Beyond having fun with the wild, the intent with this nature-infused magic system is to help us remember that we, as animals, are magic. Our bodies are these amazing systems that heal themselves. We are part and parcel of the mysterious life force that sustains us all.