Yam Stuffed Pepper

While out climbing for the day, I tend to avoid larger meals. Small bouts of carbs with a little protein and fat seem to help sustain energy levels without making me feel heavy and full on the rock. 

Yet bars come with wrappers, and the waste begins to pile up on a longer climbing trip. I added small turkey and cheese tacos to the snack game, but the tortillas tend to get soggy and break apart. Then, while chopping a green pepper for my salad one night, I remembered stuffing the peppers with rice and meat in years past. 

Why not keep the pepper raw and stuff it with carbs? Like most of my “grand inventions,” this idea has probably been done a dozen times over. Yet I hadn’t thought of it for a snack until this last month. 

I eat mostly paleo these days, so my go-to for carbs was a yam. (Or is it a sweet potato? Why the hell is to so hard for America to decide if the yam or the sweet potato is the orange tuber? Why? One grocery store tells me it’s the latter, and then the next labels it as the former. Why?!)

Moving on: I use the orange-colored sweet-tasting potato as opposed to the more tan-colored kinda-sweet-tasting potato. It tastes better to me and I’m calling it a yam. I mix the cubed and baked yam with some cashew nuts and stuff the mixture into the pepper. 

Healthy snack for climbing hiking outdoors.jpg

Boom! The best snack for adventuring ever invented! Ever. It is more nutrient-dense than most packaged food and doesn’t leave me feeling stuffed. I use rubber bands to keep it together and either place it in a container or a reusable plastic bag. 

Easy healthy snack paleo outdoors climbing.jpg

You can fill a green pepper with all sorts of things. I made a turkey and cheese one, but that was a little too heavy between burns on a route. The yams and nuts seem to be just the ticket to clean and sustained energy. 

Oh, and it’s super easy to make. I’ll cook up the yam for dinner and save half of the cubes for the next day. I consider this snack top ten life-hacks to date.

Yam Stuffed Peppers

What You’ll Need

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1 yam (Or sweet potato. Whatever.) 

1 T coconut oil

1/4 C Cashews

1 Green Pepper

2 1/4t Salt

What You’ll Do

1. Preheat the oven to 375. Cube the yam and spread the cubes on a baking sheet. Dollop the coconut oil on top and place in the oven. After about five minutes, take the yams out and spread the oil around. Sprinkle salt on top and place back in the oven. Bake for about 30 minutes, stirring every ten minutes or so. It may take longer depending on how thick you cube the yams. Aim for a tender texture. 

2. Place about a heaping 1/2 C of yams into a bowl and mix with chopped cashews. Add more salt. (This is optional. I like extra salt when out doing something active.) 

Yam stuffed peppers delicious healthy easy snack.jpg

3. Cut off the top of the pepper about a half-inch from the stem. This will allow the top to stay intact while severing it from the seed pod. Remove the pod from the pepper. (It should just come out in one chunk.) 

Easy stuffed pepper snack.jpg
Stuffed pepper yams easy

4. Stuff the pepper and place the top back on. Secure with rubber bands. 

Sweet Tater Stuffed Peppers Stuff center.jpg
Yam Stuffed Peppers healthy snack climbing Kelsey K Sather.jpg
Easy stuffed pepper yams healthy carbs and fat snack.jpg

And viola! A snack for the crag or your hiking bag. Happy fall adventuring!

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