Raw Chocolate Berry "Cheesecake"

I consider myself a food experimenter. I like to try different diets in the spirit of curiosity. When I tried eating raw for a month, my vegan friend Leslie pointed me to the website This Rawsome Vegan Life. I've been a raw dessert addict since then. Not a bad addiction to require, as raw cakes and cookies are often glorified energy bars. 

After making various raw desserts, I was able to start experimenting. And of all things sweet and holy, this raw dessert takes the cake. That's a totally unbiased fact. Yep. If you like decadent chocolate dessert that's healthy enough to eat for breakfast, then this recipe is for you. It's rich and creamy, with a tart undertone.

Raw chocolate cheesecake

Coco-Berry Cheesecake

What You'll Need


2 C Raw nuts (I used one cup of pecans, one cup of walnuts, but almonds or hazelnuts would work well, too.)

2 C Dates

2 T Maple syrup

1/4 C Cocoa powder

1/2 t Salt


2 C Soaked cashews (Soak for at least a few hours--overnight works best, if you can remember. If you have a Vitamix or other high-speed blender, there is no need to soak the cashews. Make sure to use a food processor for the crust, though.)

1/4 C Coconut oil, melted

1/2 C Coconut milk

1/2 C Maple syrup

1/4 C Cocoa powder

2 t Vanilla

1/2 C Berry jelly (I used marionberry jelly, but raspberry or strawberry would taste divine, too.)

1 t Salt

What You'll Do 

1. Place crust ingredients in food processor and pulse. Once chunky, blend until you get a smooth ball. 

Raw chocolate cheesecake crust

2. Press crust into pie pan.

3. Place filling ingredients into food processor or Vitamix. Blend. 

4. Pour filling on top of crust. 

5. Freeze until set. 

I spread jelly onto top of mine 'cause I'm crazy like that. Make sure to take the cake out of the freezer a half hour before you eat it. Afterwards, I kept it in the fridge and it maintained a nice consistency. 

Boom! Dessert for breakfast. Childhood dreams do come true.

Raw chocolate cheesecake healthy and delicious

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