Best Raspberry Pie Ever

Pie. Oh pie. Just—pie. 

I mean, seriously: does it get any better than a flakey, buttery crust filled with fresh fruit? I personally think it doesn’t, which is why raspberry pie has been my favorite food since ever. (For my fifteenth birthday, all I asked for was a raspberry pie. My dad ate it. I still give him a hard time for this.)

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The beautiful thing about food, beyond keeping us alive and (usually) tasting fantastic, is the memories a certain dish can hold. The memories married to a flavor or recipe may seem random, like bubblegum bringing a ski lift to mind, or predictable, like turkey and the Super Bowl. Each time we make a dish, we add another ingredient to the bowl of memories it holds. 

Given this fact, I’m grateful to have brought my tester for this recipe to a very special camping weekend up in the Madison Range south of Bozeman. A group of us ran/hiked up Alp Creek, over the saddle between Imp Peak and Woodward Mountain, and back down Taylor Creek. All in memory of a beloved friend. 

Running up Alp Creek south of Bozeman, Montana

Running up Alp Creek south of Bozeman, Montana

Moving forward, when I make this pie, I can remember being up in those mountains, feeling the wild power of this world. I can remember sitting around a campfire with new and old friends, enjoying cold beers after a long day on the move. 

I hope this recipe brings you memories of days spent with good people, enjoying the beauty of life. Or in the least, I hope you enjoy a slice on the patio or even just next to an open window. The summer is a'flying. Time to make time to enjoy its bounty and simple pleasures—like pie. 

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Raspberry Pie (With a GF Option)

What You'll Need

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For the Crust

2 1/4 C + 1/4 C Flour (The gluten free mix I make has 2 C brown rice and a 1/3 C of tapioca flour and potato starch each; I create a big jar of it with 6X the proportions.*)

* If going gluten free, add in a heaping teaspoon of xantham gum.

1 C Butter (I use Earthbalance dairy-free butter only 'cause dairy and I are best friendemies)

1/2 t Salt

2-4 T Ice cold water

For the Filling

5 C Raspberries

3/4 C Sugar

1/2 Lemon

What You'll Do

1. Preheat oven to 375

2. Mix flour with salt (and xantham gum, if you're going gf). Cut in about half-inch cubes of butter. Mash together with either a pie cutter, fork, or (very clean) hands. 

Butter chunks in flour.jpg

3. Here's the tricky part for my fellow gluten-free folk in the crowd. We wanna get the dough a little cold and wet with water, but not so much it begins to fall apart. I gently mash 2 T of ice cold water into the dough and scatter flour across the table. Careful not to overwork the crust here, or it will fall apart. 

Wet dough pre rollout.jpg

4. Divide the dough into a third and two-thirds chunks. Place the one-third aside and roll out the two-thirds until it's about an 1/8 inch thick. 

Break up dough into thirds.jpg
Roll out dough.jpg

5. If you can, set the dough into the pie and press it in. My gluten-free pastry crust ended up coming apart in chunks, so I did it piecemeal. When it was all in, I smoothed out any irregularities with a spoon and pinched the crust for the quintessential wave effect. You may have some dough left over - we'll use it for the top layer.

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Smooth dough.jpg
Pinch dough along crust.jpg

6. Place the raspberries in a bowl with the sugar. Add the juice as well as shredded peel from the lemon. Mash together with a spoon and place the filling in the pie crust. 

Raspberry pie delicious easy gluten free.jpg
Raspberry pie delicious easy gluten free recipe.jpg
Delicious pie gluten free raspberry recipe.jpg

7. Roll out the remaining dough. (Cuteness factor: use a cookie cutter for a little flair. Learned this from my mama.) If gluten-free, cut the dough in half and use a spatula to help place the dough atop the filling, one half at a time. Blend the halves together carefully. (I still f'ed it up. It doesn't have to be perfect. The pie will taste great even if it's not Good Housekeeping cover material.)

Roll out top of crust.jpg
Halve top of crust.jpg

8. Slice breathing slits onto the top layer and bake for 50 minutes. 

Raspberry gluten free pie delicious recipe.jpg

Eat yer heart out, friends! (But be weary of dads...)

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