Killer Coleslaw

When in doubt, buy cabbage and make coleslaw. That’s my motto: put it on the gravestone. In all seriousness, I eat coleslaw often and throughout the year. It’s relatively easy, goes well with most things, and gets some color on the plate. Purple cabbage, after all, is a star of food photography, offering a stunning portrait of shape and hue. 

cabbage coleslaw easy healthy recipe

I’ll make coleslaw in a big batch and have it at any meal for a few days. Eat it on its own. Put an egg on it. Throw it into a wrap. Coleslaw is the jeans of side dishes, delicious dressed up or down. Slice apple into it. Maybe some diced jalapeños or a handful of raisins. With a base as solid as cabbage, the flavor profile can go sweet or savory. 

coleslaw wrap healthy easy meals

The recipe below falls somewhere in the middle. I kept the sauce simple to invite experimentation on your end. Maybe you like your coleslaw on the sweeter side and up the maple syrup to two tablespoons. If tangy is your thangy, feel free to double up on the mustard. As for the mayo, you can also double the amount for a creamier sauce. As is, the recipe highlights the vegetables’ flavors more than the sauce. 

coleslaw easy healthy and delicious

Same same for the toppings. The ones I used in this recipe include raisins, fennel seeds, and pumpkin seeds because I almost always have those available in my kitchen. I have tried mango before in a coleslaw and it was delicious AF. (But let’s be real, it’s hard to go wrong with mango.) Other tried and proven additions include fresh cilantro and fennel, dried figs, and cashews. 

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The recipe below makes eight cups, maybe more. This amount accommodates for multi-day meals or for a barbecue. 'Cause PEOPLE. It’s freaking summer! Time to fire up those grills, get some friends together, and enjoy the season. You’ll be ready for the potluck with some killer slaw, made your way. 

Killer Coleslaw

What You’ll Need

Ingredients coleslaw easy delicious healthy recipes.jpg

Veggie base

Half a head of purple cabbage

Half a head of green cabbage

3-4 carrots

ingreidents coleslaw sauce spices.jpg


1/4C Olive oil

2T vegan or regular mayo (3 or 4T if you like it creamier)

1T mustard (more for tang)

1T maple syrup (more for sweet)

2t apple cider vinegar

1t ginger

1t dried basil

1/2t cumin

1/2t salt

1/2t ground pepper


1/2C raisins

1/4C pumpkin seeds

1T fennel seeds

What You’ll Do

Prepare the cabbage and carrots for the food processor and shred. 

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ingreidents coleslaw veggie shred.jpg
ingredients coleslaw veggies delicious easy.jpg

If you don’t have a food processor, you can cut the cabbage into small slices and use a vegetable peeler to add carrot shavings.

Place the vegetable shreds into a large bowl and add toppings. 

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Whisk all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix it into the vegetables and toppings. 

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coleslaw delicious easy and nutricious.jpg

Easy peasy. Coleslaw for multiple meals or people. Enjoy!

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