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Pulling Up Beets is a collection of personal essays, enriched with research, exploring the Gallatin Valley's local food system in southwest Montana. I am not an avid food grower, but rather a consumer seeking out ethical food options. During my time exploring the practice of sustainability and social justice in food systems, I often found my habits and expectations were in conflict with the reality of supporting "local."

The narration is full of tension born from honest self-reflection, the chasm between theory and practice, as well as my interactions with the strong personalities of local food producers. The farmers aren't the only dynamic characters creating a compelling storyline: the valley, encompassing mountains, and "big sky" embody volatile personalities in their own rights, vividly exhibiting the challenges to growing fruits and vegetables in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.



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"To Quake"    Artist's Field Guide to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: a meditative piece on how aspens can teach us to embrace change and celebrate intelligent design

Published Work

"Shale"  Canary Journala braided essay weaving grief from climate change with the sudden death of a dog

"Of Blood and Water"    Originally published in the inaugural issue of Salt Front: Studies in Human Habit(at): vignettes of my grandmother's passing and different water places show how science and spiritual knowledge overlap

"Saving the Semi-Natural"     Newfound: Art & Placea first person journalistic piece exploring the legal definitions of wilderness and how this language will shape the future of Utah's Uinta Basin


"Growing Great Organic Veggies" Rocky Mountain Gardeningan interview with organic farmers Matt and Jacy Rothschiller of Gallatin Valley Botanicals provides tips for pest control, fertilizers, and cold weather crops from two leaders in organic farming 

"Crafting Fruit Wine & Cider" Distinctly Montana: how individuals and businesses ferment sweets of the season

 "Wanted: Big Rocks" Outside Bozeman: a short piece about bouldering development in Southwest Montana