Photo by Blair Speed

Photo by Blair Speed

My fiction and essays aim to promote humans' connection to nature. As an avid climber and health enthusiast, I also write about fitness, food, and outdoor play. I'm passionate about using storytelling to advocate for gender equality and ecosystem preservation. 

Between creating articles for my online journal, These Words Like Rocks, and curating The Work Behind the Body series, I've been tromping around the fantastical realm of my novel-in-progress. The book follows an ancient lineage of wild women in their quest to bring humans back into ecological order. Sign up for my newsletter to receive sneak peeks into this epic project. 

In the past decade I've sold gluten-free baked goods at farmers' markets and worked as a skiing and climbing instructor. In 2014 I cofounded a writers’ collective called Thunderhead. We offered community events for local writers. I also facilitated creative writing workshops and worked with writers one-on-one. Before Thunderhead, I taught rhetoric and writing at Montana State and University of Utah.

I've lived in Wales, Peru, California, Wyoming, and Utah. My husband and I are taking root in our hometown of Bozeman. You'll most likely find me sweating coffee in the sole company of my devil-incarnate cat. When I'm not writing, I'm usually out climbing or hiking with my two absurdly fluffy dogs, Titia (t-sha) and Gambit.  

If you're looking to get in touch, send me an email at And hey--thanks for being here!

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