A Start to a Synopsis

Okay, okay, I know. I keep talking about this book thingy as if you're supposed to know what it's about. I'm not gonna lie: sharing details feels scary. There's the mundane fear that I'm gonna sound crazy. And there's the grandiose fear that it's such a rad idea that somebody's gonna steal it. 

Well, the thing about fear is that it sucks and is stupid. Okay, maybe it serves a purpose, i.e. keeping us alive. But I'd wager to guess that 89.7% of the time it just holds us back. 

So here goes: the novel follows an ancient lineage of women with predator-like qualities. They are literally strong like bear, fast like wolf, stealth like cougar. Aaaaand they can talk to animals. Now, hold on there: this isn't some young adult novel where Princess Puffpuff talks to rabbits the whole time. The whole inter-species communication thing happens in small relief to the larger drama. 

Two world powers gear up for war as the natural world drifts farther and farther away from human concern. Sound familiar? The book's mechanics--plot, place, even characters, to some extent--draw upon our lived reality. The novel has proven to be a way for me to navigate my feelings about things like race, violence, and environmental destruction while staying in the (relative) safety of a fantastical world. 

Because yes-hell yes-there's a twist of magic thrown in, i.e. the lineage of animal-women. And some mages and shapeshifters and shamans. That trip to Ireland I write about here? Well, it was just fuel for the creative fire. Because who knows? Maybe magic did exist in our world. Maybe it still does. ;)