THE Dressing for Salad Season

Greens. My body craves greens this time of year. It's part of that "signature of all things," as Elizabeth Gilbert might say, where our humans bodies align with nature in ways that have been honed over centuries of evolution. 

It's just lettuce...and yet it's also the summer being like, oh, hey body, let's cleanse out the ol' systems after that long winter of potatoes and meat. (Well, at least that was the case not even a hundred years ago.)

Anywho, salads are awesome. I think the thing I love most about them is their versatility. You start with a bed of the greens and then sky's the limit. Fruit? Sure. Nuts? Ya betcha. Tuna? Tempeh? Tortilla chips? Why the hell not.

Once I had a bag of those beet and sweet potato chips with only the crumbs at the bottom--you know, that half cup of "I'm only a fragment of what I once was" stragglers. Usually these sad stories end up being poured directly from the bag into my mouth. But in my singular most brilliant moment thus far in 30 years of heartbreaking genuisry, I put them on a salad as a gesture towards croutons. 

In a way, salads are like pizza. Then again, that's reeeeallly a stretch. Because let's be honest: you can throw a pizza party, where everyone brings a topper, but if you threw a salad party with the same parameters, people would probably think you're a freak if they didn't already.

Who knows, though? Maybe this is The Future. Salad parties. Health freaks unite! With this dressing--THE dressing--below, you'll be prepared to be the life of the party. 

THE Dressing

What You'll Need: 

Juice of one lemon

1/3C Olive oil

2T Nutritional yeast

1t Italian seasonings

1t Maple syrup

1t Apple cider vinegar

1T Mustard

1/2t Garlic salt

1/4t Salt

1. Squeeze juice from a sliced lemon into a bowl and remove seeds. 

2. In a jar with a lid, mix all the ingredients. 

3. Done. Congrats. I know that was super hard but you persevered and now look at you with your jar of salad dressing. Also, nutritional yeast is poppin with B vitamins so you're in for the win. Boo ya! Get freaky with your bad self. 

 Ready to party. 

Ready to party. 

Eat Yer Heart Out, Folks