Granola Goodness

Oats are one of those foods that feel like part of my heritage. They remind me of mornings before skiing as a child, when my dad would cook them up with extra butter and brown sugar. I think of Scandinavia and my ancestors making oat breads and buns. They grow well here in Montana, and since I can’t eat wheat, it’s a local grain I can enjoy. 


Given this connection to oats—I sound like a horse, but anyways—given this connection, nailing down a granola recipe has been on my to-do list for years now. Not exaggerating. You’d think making granola would be a fairly simple endeavor. Bake oats. Done. Yet for some reason, I kept messing it up. I filled the house with smoke the first couple attempts. Oats turn out to be fickle roasting subjects, looking golden in one moment and black the next. 

spread out on pan.jpg

The other complication involved oil. I tried to use coconut oil, but the granola went bad within a few days. The same thing happened when I used coconut oil in a cookie recipe last Christmas. The cookies tasted rotten after a couple days in the jar. (I know—we didn’t eat all the cookies in one day! Crazy.)

What I’ve come up with below is a basic recipe for granola goodness after the trial and error process.

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I added nut butter, chopped nuts, and seeds to the oats to help beef ‘em up. I also added coconut shreds, lightly toasted, and dried cherries. You could add any dried fruit, really: maybe some chopped banana chips or the classic raisin. With a little vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup, the granola smells like cookies when it’s baking. 

 Okay. A LATTA maple syrup. (Thanks, Katherine, for this jug of sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.) 

Okay. A LATTA maple syrup. (Thanks, Katherine, for this jug of sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.) 

For those of us who like to start the day with something sweet, (but more wholesome than sugar and butter), these oats, baked with a careful eye, give an ancient grain the flavor-perks of a modern kitchen. 

Granola Goodness Recipe

What You’ll Need

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6C Oats 

1C Chopped pecans (or other nut of your choosing)

3T Flax seeds

3T Chia seeds

1t Cinnamon

1/4t Salt


1C Almond butter

1 1/2C Canola oil

1/2C Maple syrup

1t Vanilla


1C Dried coconut

1C Cherries (or other dried fruit)

What You’ll Do

Preheat oven to 375

Place oats in a large bowl

Chop pecans

Chop nuts.jpg

Add pecans and seeds to oats, along with salt and cinnamon

Dry ingredients.jpg

In a small pot, add oil, syrup, almond butter, and vanilla

Measure wet into pan.jpg

Whisk on medium heat until all the wet ingredients are blended together

stir wet.jpg

Add the wet ingredients to the dry 

add wet to dry.jpg

Spread out the mixture on two large baking sheets (no need to grease)

spread out on pan top down.jpg

Set the timer for seven minutes and stir when it goes off

- If the mixture is bubbling, don’t freak out. Everything is going swimmingly. 

bubbling is nornal.jpg

Set the timer again for seven minutes and stir again. Make sure to get the edges mixed in, as these will burn the quickest. If you want your coconut shreds lightly toasted, add them now to the mixture. 

Set the timer again for seven minutes and stir, and then set it for three minutes.

Repeat on two-three minute intervals, as those oats be fickle! Take out the sheets when the oats are golden. (Read: avoid “one minute more” mentality.)

Let the granola cool for one-two hours.

 Gambit guards the granola. 

Gambit guards the granola. 

Stir in dried fruit. 

Let cool.jpg

You now basically have little cookie crumbles for breakfast. Store in a glass jar and enjoy, my little Vikings!

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Little breakfast.jpg

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